Those who are considering remodeling their bathrooms are in good company. According to a Houzz survey, 28% of homeowners plan to renovate their bathrooms within the next two years. Whether the family is planning to sell the home or they’re just in the mood for a new look, they should consider these do’s and don’ts for successful bathroom remodeling.

Do Set an Attainable Budget

Before planning a dream bathroom, decide what’s affordable. The average bathroom renovation cost is $9000-$20,000, and most owners recoup about 67% of the cost when they sell. If the owner doesn’t know where to begin, a general contractor or interior designer can give them budget-friendly estimates.

Do Have a Plan in Place

Remodelers and home builders know that planning and goal-setting are important. Are there plans to remodel the master bath, update the guest bathroom, or simply get rid of outdated fixtures? Visit showrooms and websites to get ideas and inspiration, and consider scheduling a consultation with a designer who can help the owner refine their ideas, choose materials, and coordinate installation.

Do Invest in High-Quality Materials

Budgetary constraints may encourage a homeowner to settle for less appealing, lower-cost materials. However, excessive compromise may decrease overall satisfaction with a bathroom remodeling project’s results. When it’s possible, choose aesthetically pleasing, high-quality materials, as they’ll last longer and provide a higher-end finish that builder basics simply can’t duplicate. If necessary, make a list of updates and choose those that are most important.

Do Focus on the Future

Make sure the bathroom design will fit the family’s lifestyle both now and in the future. Ideally, a bathroom redo should have broad appeal, even if there are no plans to sell. It should be functional and attractive, and it’s a good idea to select patterns and colors that won’t be dated in a few short years.

Don’t Move Fixtures

Moving drains and water lines will substantially increase the bathroom remodeling cost. Unless it’s a cramped or challenging layout, it’s best to avoid making big changes to the home’s plumbing system, and in most cases, it is not worth the additional expense.

Don’t Overdo Things

Small changes offer a greater value for the home. According to recent reports, the ROI (return on investment) for a luxury bathroom renovation is only 57%. If there’s only one bathroom in the home, it makes sense to focus on updates that increase resale value. For instance, replacing the toilet, vanity, and light fixtures will offer maximum effect at minimal cost.

Don’t Forget About Storage, Ventilation, and Lighting

Updating light fixtures is an effective, simple way to modernize the room. Use a combination of ambient and direct light from lamps, sconces, and fixtures to create a warm and inviting space. Replace or clean the exhaust fan for increased humidity control and freshness. Finally, do not underestimate the need for towel and toiletry storage. Include at least one cabinet, closet, or cupboard in the design.

Don’t Focus on What’s Trendy

The goal of a bathroom remodel is to forget about the past, so it’s important to think about current trends. However, one shouldn’t go overboard. While vessel sinks and soaking tubs look great on Pinterest, they’re not always real-world ready. Choose fixtures, building materials, and flooring options that are stylish but timeless.

Don’t Rush

A successful bathroom remodeling project takes time, and most homeowners need several weeks to develop designs and gather ideas, Learn more at Mimosa Kitchen and Bath. Then, it may take up to a month to finish demolition and prep work. Toward the project’s end, many people lose their focus because they’re anxious to see the results. Resist the temptation to cut corners, as the small details create a professional, clean finish. Remember, good things come to those who wait!

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